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NordCap chronicle: today - 1937

Our expertise in refrigeration, cooking and dishwashing technology has not come out of the blue. Behind the NordCap GmbH & Co. KG are almost 9 decades of history! Here you will find the most important milestones in our history from today to the beginnings.

2017 The team of the branch Ingelheim moves into the new company building. The property is located in the same street as the previous office building.

2016 In the course of the closure of the warehouse of the branch Hamburg, the existing warehouse in Bremen was extendet by additional storage areas. The entire NordCap storage area is over 8,000 square meters.

2014 NordCap paticipates in the company AKE IDEAL, based in the Netherlands. The joint enterprise operates under the name AKE IDEAL NordCap B.V.

2014 Revision of the NordCap brand identity - in order to sharpen the profile of the individual divisions

2010 Merger into NordCap GmbH & Co. KG

2007 Founding of NordCook GmbH & Co. KG through partners of HASECO ZÖGER GmbH & Co. KG and STETTNER Kühlanlagen GmbH & Co. KG.

2005 Move by STETTNER headoffice from Hilden to Erkrath

2000 Merger of HASECO and ZÖGER Kältetechnik into HASECO ZÖGER

1990 Takeover of the company STETTNER in Hilden by the Blasberg family

1990 Founding of the company Zöger-Kältetechnik GmbH in Hamburg

1989 Founding of NordCap as an amalgamation of nine medium-sized companies - among them HASECO, Zöger Kältetechnik und STETTNER. This served the purpose of the consolidated sale of commercial cooling appliances, as well as a uniform market image under the brand "NordCap".

1977 Setting up of the "Commercial Refrigeration" department at Bosch-ZÖGER in Hamburg and at HASECO in Bremen

1976 Change of company's legal status from Bosch Services in Bremen to HASECO: Handelsgesellschaft Seelig & Co.

1968 Founding of STETTNER company in Hilden

1966 Founding of Bosch wholesaler Carl Zöger (Bosch-Zöger) in Hamburg (Carl Zöger is the father of Christian Zöger)

1937 Acquisition of Bosch Services in Bremen by Franz Seelig (Franz Seelig was the grandfather of Klaus Ziegler)

1927 Founding of Bosch Services in Bremen - a precursor to HASECO