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As a company we bear social responsibility. We support the following projects from different areas:


Germany Scholarship

We take responsibility for education and young skilled workers: With our own apprentices and with the Germany Scholarship of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research. Until 2017 NordCap promotes a talented and committed student at the University of Bremen. In our opinion, a great and especially important project of the federal government and sponsors.

NordCap-Scholarship-Recipient 2015: "Meet & Greet mit unserer Deutschlandstipendiatin"

Sea Rescuers

We believe that the work of the sea rescuers is very important and we have been supporting them for several years in many different ways. Read more in our blog: "Wir unterstützen 'Die Seenotretter'"

NordCap sponsoring a gemstone for the reconstruction of the Berlin Palace

For several years they have been working at the re-establishment of the Berlin Palace in the center of Berlin. The original, 500-year-old Berlin Palace was demolished after the Second World War due to heavy damages on behalf of the East German government. After 2012, the starting signal was given for the reconstruction, the building in 2019 will again shine fully in historic splendor. Our managing director, Christian Zöger, took the opportunity to also sponsor a gemstone by NordCap.

Employee-Projects for the Hermann Hildebrand Haus

In the Bremen branch we have organized in recent years charity runs or - as in autumn 2015 - played a mini golf tournament in the dark. The winning team was allowed to determine the donation purpose. Our employees chose again the Hermann Hildebrand Haus in Bremen Oberneuland. It is an integrative part of the Bremen Youth Services, where children are supported and cared for, whose education and care claim is not guaranteed currently or permanently in the families of origin. The Hermann Hildebrand house takes its name from the former Bremen Senator and Mayor Hermann Hildebrand ( 1849-1939 ).

Facebook-Posting: Donation Handover Mini Golf Tournament


To share food, it has to be 'kept fresh', so to be kept cool. That is why we support the initiative of "Lebensmittelretten in Bamberg" with a NordCap glass door refrigerator. Read more in our blog report: "Lebensmittelretten - eine wichtige Initiative"

District Opera in OTe 2014

NordCap supports the worldwide unique project "District Opera" in Bremen Osterholz-Tenever. This district, with residents from over 90 nations, is regarded as a social hotspot. The district-opera brings together local residents, students and musicians, and therewith opens processes of social change. Because on stage there are students of the Gesamtschule Bremen-Ost alongside professional opera singers. They are accompanied by the world-class musicians of the Deutsche Kammerphilharmonie Bremen.