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Our Chain of Distribution

For years, NordCap has characterised the three-stage distribution route:

Industry • Wholesale • Specialist Shop

As a wholesaler, we serve as the bridge between the manufacturers in the industry and the specialist shops and/or planners on site. In the process, each participant assumes a specialist function – precisely in the spirit of an intelligent division of labour:

  1. The industry can concentrate on the development and production of the furniture and equipment in their respective product area.

  2. The specialist dealer or planner ensures that the furniture and equipment is set up and/or assembled properly, as well as on time, and that it works reliably.

  3. And we, NordCap, keep all the articles readily available. We supply them punctually to your specialist dealer or directly to the building site, we assure excellent service – and, in particular, we inform and train you, as necessary, in regard to modern refrigeration, cooking and dishwashing equipment.

Our proven three-stage distribution route is based on the trusting, long-term business relationships. Together with our partners, we are able to provide you a consistent service and product quality in this manner.