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Here you can find everything for baking. Further we give you ideas for additional turnover besides your daily business. You may offer your clients warm or cold bakery and snack variation, a breakfast in the morning and a daily changing lunch.

Lisette, Meerbusch

The bakery Lisette offers traditional bakery and pastry craft based on experience of more than 90 years and three generations. As a part of the „Marktliebe“ in Brüderich, the team of Lisette provides fresh and diverse bakery products. In order that these products stay fresh and tasty, they use NordCap refrigeration technique. (

Marie's Backwelt, Schmelz

The re-opened backery "Marie's Backwelt" located in the department store Schmelz follows a simple philosophy: "Only the best for our clients". While doing so NordCap should not be missed. In order to create more high-quality and delicious bakery products and to present these goods, various NordCap refrigerating and heating display units are used.

Bäckerei Degle, Augsburg

Master baker Hubert Degle sells 900 pretzels on Saturdays, which are a highlight for his customers. After the old freezer broke down, a NordCap SF 70 LOW cruise ensures a perfect blast freezing of the pre-produced doughs. Thanks to blast freezing, bakery Degle is able to combine handcraft quality and efficient pre-production.

Bakery and confectionery Schaarschmidt, Limbach-Oberfrohna

The long-established family business offers fine pastries, confectionery products, ice cream bombs and as a specialist popsicles according to old recipes from inhouse ice cream production. In order to draw the attention on all of these specialties, the bakery and confectionery founded in 1938 uses NordCap display units by ISA.