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The right refrigeration is the most important thing. Besides your normal business, there are many options to add additional turnover. Have a look at our products to create your own ideas. 

Metro, Berlin-Friedrichshain

The wholsale store in Berlin offers its clients a diverse and often unique product range. Besides the standard product range for the gastronomy, new trends can be found at Metro - just like dry aged beef. In order to present this trend optimally, Metro stores its special meat in two over a corner placed beef aging display units by NordCap.

Fleischerei Wittenstein, Hagen

Since 1954 quality and freshness have the highest priority for the butchery Wittenstein. This principle is the basis of butchery and can be found in every single process. Therefore, the presentation of the goods is also very important. Refrigerated display units by NordCap help to maintain the standards.

Stiens Beef, Kaufungen

Stiens Beef put emphasis on appropriate animal husbandry and beef in highest quality. The different meat products are sold in the own farm shop. For exampel burger patties are frozen in a NordCap blast freezer SF 50 CW there, to garanty the quality until the beef is processed. Further pre-packaged beef products are presented in Nordcap refrigerating wells and thus perfectly cooled.

Fleischerei Reinwardt, Beierfeld

The butcher Reinwardt in Beierfeld focuses on traditional handcraft and recipes combined with modern production resources. Sticking to the slogan: good - better- Reinward, the self-produced meat and sausage products are presented in a NordCap fresh product counter MAJOR.

Edeka, Bremen

The Edeka supermarket in Bremen offers fresh meat products and aditionally dry-aged-meat, which is optimally presented in a meat maturation cabinet with glass door by NordCap. The matured meat is stored under perfect conditions, directly infront oft he clients' eyes.

E-Center Bischof, Achim

The well-stocked Edeka market presents his Dry Aged steaks in NordCap Dry Aged maturing display units - because of their quality and modern design.

Megra Metzgereigenossenschaft, Ravensburg

As specialist for the butcher trade, Megra offers an overall range for production and sales. Always with the fingers on the pulse of times - this is the winning formula of the product innovations, which suprise the customers again and again. The self-made meat products are stored in NordCap wall-mounted refrigerated shelves Euro Bali T. Each board of the shelves has its own Led light whjch optimizes the look of the different meat products.

Landgasthof und Fleischerei GmbH, Kamsdorf

The Landgasthof and Fleischerei GmbH Kamsdorf offers a wide range of selected meat and sausage products from own production of best quality for more than 22 years. In the NORMA store in Kamsdorf the butchery presents it fresh products in food counters by NordCap.

Metzgereigenossenschaft, Bayreuth

As a specialist for butcheries, catering and kitchen needs the Metzgereigenossenschaft Bayreuth offers individual consultation, high-class products and competent service. The productrange includes 5000 articles of fresh and pre-packaged food.The fresh food is perfectly stored in NordCap refrigerated copunterin the cash and carry market in the city Bayreuth.

Klein und Fein, Gießen

The delicatessen shop Klein und Fein sells italian specialties for direct consumption or to go. There are several NordCap products included into the new interior conceot: fresh products counter Enixe, Ideal bevereage counzer and refrigerating cabinet Elfin.