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The classic café is defined by excellent bakeries and a cozy atmosphere. To give the guest room a more inviting look, cake display units can be integrated optimally into the ambience.  


Espresso Lab, Nürnberg

As Turkey's most innovative coffee chain, Espresso Lab offers various tastes of gourmet coffee cultures around the world to coffee aficionados. Currently there are more than 39 shops in Turkey and abroad. A german shop is in Nürnberg, equipped with a NordCap beverage counter and cake display unit.

Coffee Fellows GmbH, Frankfurt am Main

The modern coffee house chain has refrigeration equipment by NordCap in its stores for many years. 2009 Coffee Fellows was awarded the Coffee Shop Award. Today, the company employs approximately 400 people. In the Frankfurter branch you can find cooling counters, preparation tables, display units and refrigerated wall cabinets of NordCap.

Tiffany's Café, Ehingen

For 18 years now, the family-run Tiffany's Café has been producing cakes and chocolates every day. In a cozy cafe-house ambience, the fresh creations can be eaten or picked up directly. The large selection of cakes and fine chocolates can be found in NordCap cake and chocolates display units.

Bankettbakkerij & Chocolaterie Boonstra, Drachten

The confiserie Bankettbakkerij & Chocolaterie Boosntra in Drachten offers fine confectionery and chocolate creations. The hand made product could be eaten directly in the shop or it copuld be delivered to you.I n order to keep the products fresh, they are placed in NordCap display unit and thereby there are optimally presented.

Café am Markt, Goslar

Located at the historical marketplace of Goslar, you can find the Café am Markt. The guest can choose between lots of cakes and hot snacks for in-between meals. The NordCap cake display unit Flantastic is placed midst of the nice atmosphere and presents the fresh cakes in the best way.

van Gestel canteen kitchen technology, Zwolle Netherlands

For more than 25 years van Gestel plans professional kitchens, the heart of an institution. As being an equipper and supplier of devices for the gastronomy, van Gestel works for kanteens, cafeterias and professional kitchens in hospitality and educational institutions. They pay special attention to high-quality kitchen equipment and stainless steel devices - a right job for NordCap!

Lebensart, Holtensen

The cafe and farm shop in Holtensen offers its guest only the best of the regionale nature. The cafe Lebensart provides breakfast, soups, cold and hot snacks, regional specialties and also a variety of handmade cakes.

The neighbouring farm shop counts on organic quality. The product range contains bread and other baked goods within to products of daily needs like cheese, ham and sausages, milk and yoghurt. Thanks to NordCap refrigerating technique by NordCap, the changing daily business and the high requirements for the food can be handled without any problems.

Big Ben, Wiesmoor

The Big Ben is a café, bistro and restaurant all in one, offering the charm of the British pub scene. The menu varies from daytime, so you have a great amount of choices. Besides fingerfoods, burger, tarte flambee, pasta, sandwiches, fish and meat, Big Ben offers a wide range of cakes - of course presented in a Nordcap display unit!

Cafe Beerenhof Alps, Lachendorf

Since June 2017, a cafe enriches the self-picking plantation in Lachendorf. It offers handmade fruit cakes, coffee specialties, italian ice cream and various refreshments and delicacies. NordCap display units, refrigerating technique and a hood-type dishwasher ensure the perfect workflow.

Kaffeepause, Bremen

Homemade cakes, buns and Spanish delicacies like Bocadillas, Tortillas etc. are offered at Kaffeepause. No matter if snacks or cakes, a NordCap refrigerating display preserves all kind of food.

GARAGE du PONT, Berlin

GARAGE du PONT is an extraordinary mixture of restaurant, cafe and classic car museum. The modernised rooms of a historic petrol station from the 30ies combine culinary delight, French haut cuisine, Savoir Vivre and the allurement of gangster sedans and the movie Noire. The interior design is completed with a display unit by NordCap.

Tee Tea The, Berlin

Tee Tea The is a cafe and a tea specialist shop. Carefully chosen types of tea can be tried before purchasing. In order to serve tea with a delicious cake, Tee Tea The present its cakes in NordCap refrigerating display units.