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food retail store

Besides an optimal presentation of the food and the correct fulfillment of the cold chain, refrigerated display shelves and display units support the control of the flow of customers through the market. 



EDEKA Markt Habig, Bad Soden-Salmünster

The EDEKA market Habig offers its clients besides fresh goods a special higlight - the Marktküche.

Clients can choose between warm and cold meals, of course freshly prepared and presented in an appetizing way. NordCap is a big part of the overall concept - warm and cold display units, refrigerated wells, a pizza oven and refrigeration of the fresh goods.

Metro, Berlin-Friedrichshain

The wholsale store in Berlin offers its clients a diverse and often unique product range. Besides the standard product range for the gastronomy, new trends can be found at Metro - just like dry aged beef. In order to present this trend optimally, Metro stores its special meat in two over a corner placed beef aging display units by NordCap.

Mythos Feinkost, Jever

Finest Food - everything new - as always. Since November 2016 two NordCap products adorn the equipment of Mythos Feinkost. The great variety of fresh food is presented in a Milos Premium counter and three refrigerated air pans.

Aykut, Bremen

Aykut offers daily varying southern specialties with fresh homemade ingredients. In order that the traditionally prepared meals stay fresh, they are stored appealing in NordCap refrigerating display.

Getränke Hoffmann, branch Potsdam

Getränke Hoffmann is one of the most successful beverage markets in Germany and also market leader in the states Berlin, Brandenburg, Hamburg, Niedersachsen und Schleswig-Holstein. There are 460 branches in Germany which provide clients the greatest possible service and profit. The branch in Potsdam offers its clients besides the normal purchasing of goods a tasting tool for wine and a digital product advisor. A part of the versatile productrange is stored in NordCap glass door refrigerators.

Dorfladen Lädla, Burgpreppach

The village shope Lädla located in Burgpreppach (Germany) is about 100 m² big and offers the classic product range of food retail. In addition, the product range is complemented by regional products and thus support the surrounding region of the small community. A NordCap wall cabinet ensures the right refrigeration of the products.

E-Center Bischof, Achim

The well-stocked Edeka market presents his Dry Aged steaks in NordCap Dry Aged maturing display units - because of their quality and modern design.

Kornapfel - Dein Bioladen, Gera

The organic grocery store stands for high quality, absolute freshness, controlled cultivation and untreated goods. When choosing the product range there is a great value on regional origin, diversity, fair-trade goods and demeter products. In order to present the wide product range to the customers, the goods are stored in NordCap refrigerating multideck wall cabinets and cooling counters.

Sennerei Schweineberg

In the alpine diary Schweineberg you can find a perfect combination of rural traditions and modern techniques. On one hand there is an emphasize on traditional lifestyles and landscaping and on the other hand, the alpine diary ist perfectly organized in order to produce hiqh quality milk- and cheese products. These products are presented in NordCap cheese counters, cladded in wooden panels.

Edeka, Bremen

The Edeka supermarket in Bremen offers fresh meat products and aditionally dry-aged-meat, which is optimally presented in a meat maturation cabinet with glass door by NordCap. The matured meat is stored under perfect conditions, directly infront oft he clients' eyes.

Hüttenberg – alpine diary & cheese shop

The staff of the mountain farmer alpine diary Hüttenberg works orginally and every product is handmade. Spicy mountain cheese and a lot of other delicate cheese varieties, fruity yoghurt and also fresh milk from the mountain farmers are offered in the shop. There are also many other delicacies which belong to a proper bread meal. For example: sausages, bacon, bread and eggs. For the complöetion you can choose liqueur or fruit brandy.
Also available: Marmelade, honey, cereals, noodles and herbal salt. In ordert o keep the freshness and quality oft he products there are presented in NordCap cheese counters.

Früchtehof Schindler, Warpe

Already for two generations asparagus and blueberries are planted and harvested at the Früchtehof Schindler. There is a great value on excellent quality of the goods. One of the many selling points is the farm shop in Warpe. In this shop, Nordcap refrigeration technique ensures the optimal storing conditions in order to keep the asparagus and blueberries fresh until they are sold.

Metzgereigenossenschaft, Bayreuth

[Translate to English:] Als Spezialist für Metzgerei-, Gastronomie- und Küchenbedarf bietet die Metzgereigenossenschaft Bayreuth individuelle Beratung, erstklassige Qualitätsprodukte und kompetenten Service. Das Sortiment umfasst über 5.000 Artikel an frischen und abgepackten Lebensmitteln. In dem Abholmarkt, am Standort Bayreuth, werden die frischen Lebensmittel in NordCap Kühltheken perfekt gelagert.



Agrargenossenschaft  Weidagrund eG, Pausa-Mühltroff

The Agrargenossenschaft Weidagrund eG practices a plant- and livestock production in their own region. In addition to a direct marketing at the farm, the fresh goods are sold at a Penny market in Pausa. The carefully chosen products are presented in a NordCap refrigerated counter.