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Ice cream parlour

Besides the traditional summer business, ice cream parlours are often visited in winter. This is because of a greater product range: hot and cold snacks complement the ice cream. 
NordCap offers various solution for your ideas and products.

Café Lagom, Seevetal

The Café Lagom offers its guests a special feel-good atmosphere. A balanced interior concept and handmade dishes and ice cream makes this café to a real hotspot. In order to sell tasty and fresh ice cream, they use the NordCap ice cream cabinet One Show.

Un Angelo, Erfurt

The Italian ice cream parlour uses NordCap refrigeration in all working processes - storing, preparing and presenting.

Paradies Eis Icecream Manufactory, Hamburg

As an ice-cream manufactory from Hamburg Paradies Eis stands for handmade premium ice cream and unusual ice-cream creations since 2000. When it comes to ice-cream display units, the company relies on quality of NordCap.