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In the growing take-away business, many convenience shops at railway station and gas stations add fresh products to their range. NordCap provides innovative and studied concepts to meet these new requirements.

Perfect Day, Airport Frankfurt

The Perfect Day at the airport Frankfurt offers its clients coffee from own plantations and healthy snacks for direct consumption or take away. This smaller Perfect Day is situated in terminal 1, area A right next to a gate in addition to the bigger flagship store. Various NordCap products are a apart of this concept: display unit Bakery round and straight with stage display (special design), a refrigerated table and and beverage refrigeration located under the refrigerating wells.

Snackerei, Aramark GmbH

The „Snackerei“ is a modern and modular shop concept develeoped by the catering company Ararmark. It offers a big range of fresh meals, from hearty to sweet, cold to warm. NordCap refrigeration allows a perfect presentation and storing of the fresh goods.

EDEKA Markt Habig, Bad Soden-Salmünster

The EDEKA market Habig offers its clients besides fresh goods a special higlight - the Marktküche.

Clients can choose between warm and cold meals, of course freshly prepared and presented in an appetizing way. NordCap is a big part of the overall concept - warm and cold display units, refrigerated wells, a pizza oven and refrigeration of the fresh goods.

Snack & Store, Hannover Exhibition

No matter if small or big appetites, the shop snack & stores on the exhibition centre hannover offers a big variety. This food concept is located in hall 11 on the way to hall 12. The visitors of the exhibtion could take a little break with fresh sandwiches, some lunch or sweets. This self-service restaurant is equipped with different products by NordCap - warm and cold display units, bottle slides, refrigerators, refrigerated tables and a refrigerated wall cabinet.

Beste Freunde, Aachen

The shopping center Aquis Plaza in Aachen provides not only a shopping experience but also a big variety of restaurants and snack bars. A special insider tip is the small location "Beste Freunde" which offers small snacks, sweets and coffee creations. The installed NordCap refrigerating units ensure the perfect refreshment besides the heated shopping marathon.

Immer Grün, Bremen

Always green, always fresh! Due to a NordCap display case, small snacks like wraps stay fresh and could be presented to the clients in an appetizing way.

Aalkate Haffkrug, Scharbeutz

The Aalkate Haffkrug in Scharbeutz offers its guests fish specialties for about 70 years. Fresh buns with fish, fish & chips and other delicious snacks are on the menue. High quality NordCap refrigerated display units keep the freshness of these fish specialities.

Esso Tankstelle, Rostock

The Esso petrol station provides its customers besides typical petrol station offers with some snacks and fresh meals. The snacks are presented in NordCap display cases. In order to satisfy the hungry customers quick and uncomplicated, the owner of the petrol station relies on cooking equipment by Zanussi from NordCap.

Biomarkt, Hamburg

Organic markets offer its customers a wide range of organic food. Some of the markets complement their product range with natural cosmetics and ecological drugstore products. One organic market in Hamburg offers its customers some special service: Fresh pastries and hot meals for immediate consumption - of course, these goods are presented in NordCap display cases.

REWE to Go, Köln

For you. Simple. To Go. With this principle REWE to Go realizes a special foodconcept, adapting to the changing world of cunsumption. The mobility oft he society increases the demand for out of home meals at this time and in the future. Therefore nearly every REWE to Go shop is located at train stations or central city locations. NordCap supports this concept with different products like warm and cold display units, refrigerators and self-service cabinets.

Lebensart, Holtensen

The cafe and farm shop in Holtensen offers its guest only the best of the regionale nature. The cafe Lebensart provides breakfast, soups, cold and hot snacks, regional specialties and also a variety of handmade cakes.

The neighbouring farm shop counts on organic quality. The product range contains bread and other baked goods within to products of daily needs like cheese, ham and sausages, milk and yoghurt. Thanks to NordCap refrigerating technique by NordCap, the changing daily business and the high requirements for the food can be handled without any problems.

Hotel Gasthof zur Post, Cuxhaven

The Hotel Gasthof zur Post in Cuxhaven combines cosy athmosphere with a variety of fish specialties, plain cooking and seasonal food. Located directly at the promenade of Duhnen, walk-in customers can also benefit of the food offer. Due to specialized NordCap display units, appetizing and professional presented snacks and cold beverages can be taken to a walk at the Northsea.

Cafe Beerenhof Alps, Lachendorf

Since June 2017, a cafe enriches the self-picking plantation in Lachendorf. It offers handmade fruit cakes, coffee specialties, italian ice cream and various refreshments and delicacies. NordCap display units, refrigerating technique and a hood-type dishwasher ensure the perfect workflow.