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We offer individual, need-based and high quality products. There are lots of design possibilities, thus you can adapt your equipment to your personal requirements, without ignoring standardised sizes. 



Perfect Day, Airport Frankfurt

The Perfect Day at the airport Frankfurt offers its clients coffee from own plantations and healthy snacks for direct consumption or take away. This smaller Perfect Day is situated in terminal 1, area A right next to a gate in addition to the bigger flagship store. Various NordCap products are a apart of this concept: display unit Bakery round and straight with stage display (special design), a refrigerated table and and beverage refrigeration located under the refrigerating wells.

Snackerei, Aramark GmbH

The „Snackerei“ is a modern and modular shop concept develeoped by the catering company Ararmark. It offers a big range of fresh meals, from hearty to sweet, cold to warm. NordCap refrigeration allows a perfect presentation and storing of the fresh goods.

Snack & Store, Hannover Exhibition

No matter if small or big appetites, the shop snack & stores on the exhibition centre hannover offers a big variety. This food concept is located in hall 11 on the way to hall 12. The visitors of the exhibtion could take a little break with fresh sandwiches, some lunch or sweets. This self-service restaurant is equipped with different products by NordCap - warm and cold display units, bottle slides, refrigerators, refrigerated tables and a refrigerated wall cabinet.

Green Barn, Venlo Netherlands

Green Barn provides its visitors „Fun, Food and Farm“. Old barns were rebuilt into playgrounds and restaurants, following the example of rural areas in America and Canada. The self-service restaurant offers warm and cold meals with a food distribution line made of several elements from NordCap and Ideal AKE.

REWE to Go, Köln

For you. Simple. To Go. With this principle REWE to Go realizes a special foodconcept, adapting to the changing world of cunsumption. The mobility oft he society increases the demand for out of home meals at this time and in the future. Therefore nearly every REWE to Go shop is located at train stations or central city locations. NordCap supports this concept with different products like warm and cold display units, refrigerators and self-service cabinets.

Bankettbakkerij & Chocolaterie Boonstra, Drachten

The confiserie Bankettbakkerij & Chocolaterie Boosntra in Drachten offers fine confectionery and chocolate creations. The hand made product could be eaten directly in the shop or it copuld be delivered to you.I n order to keep the products fresh, they are placed in NordCap display unit and thereby there are optimally presented.

Culina+, Hamburg

Under the brand Culina+ Primus Service GmbH presents a special concept for company catering. As a leading quality provider for company catering it offers more than lunch in its company restaurants. This diversified and modern food offer is equipped with different NordCap products. In cooperation with Neumann Großküchensysteme GmbH variuos wall refrigerated cabinets, a built-in display unit, refrigerating table attachments and a pizza oven are installed. (picture source: Jan Meier, Bremen)

van Gestel canteen kitchen technology, Zwolle Netherlands

For more than 25 years van Gestel plans professional kitchens, the heart of an institution. As being an equipper and supplier of devices for the gastronomy, van Gestel works for kanteens, cafeterias and professional kitchens in hospitality and educational institutions. They pay special attention to high-quality kitchen equipment and stainless steel devices - a right job for NordCap!

EDEKA Markt Habig, Bad Soden-Salmünster

The EDEKA market Habig offers its clients besides fresh goods a special higlight - the Marktküche.

Clients can choose between warm and cold meals, of course freshly prepared and presented in an appetizing way. NordCap is a big part of the overall concept - warm and cold display units, refrigerated wells, a pizza oven and refrigeration of the fresh goods.

Studentenwerk Leipzig

The menue of the Cafeteria im Musikviertel contains various sandwiches and pies and changing hot and cold snacks on a daily basis. In order to handle these changing foods properly, they are presented in NordCap display units of the series Snacky. So that the warm and cold meals are stored at the right temperature, various types of Snacky display units are installed with a combination of warm and cold display surfaces.

Mythos Feinkost, Jever

Finest Food - everything new - as always. Since November 2016 two NordCap products adorn the equipment of Mythos Feinkost. The great variety of fresh food is presented in a Milos Premium counter and three refrigerated air pans.

Biomarkt, Hamburg

Organic markets offer its customers a wide range of organic food. Some of the markets complement their product range with natural cosmetics and ecological drugstore products. One organic market in Hamburg offers its customers some special service: Fresh pastries and hot meals for immediate consumption - of course, these goods are presented in NordCap display cases.

Immer Grün, Bremen

Always green, always fresh! Due to a NordCap display case, small snacks like wraps stay fresh and could be presented to the clients in an appetizing way.

Willer Bistro, Kiel

The bistro is located in a gas station in the city Kiel. It offers daily changing lunch: home-made meals with fresh ingedrients - a respectable portion for a good price. Thanks to NordCap display units, the meals stay fresh and they can be presented in an appetizing way.

Freund Shopfitting, Leinefelde

Freund Shopfitting develops for more than 20 years functional and beautiful shopfitting for bakeries, confectioneries, cafe, butchers and delicatessen. First of all they emphasize quality - therefore NordCap display units are their first choice!