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Run-In & Commissioning Service

On request, we can professionally commission and run-in your NordCap dishwashing machine on site. This service is provided through one of our authorised service partners in Germany only.

The following services are included in the flat rates listed below:

  • connection to the customer-provided media lines*
  • adjustment of the dosing unit/dosing units
  • run-in

This measure guarantees a smooth initial commissioning as well as the best possible development of the dishwashing quality of your equipment.

The flat rate prices are

  • for glass washers € 199
  • for frontloading dishwashers € 249
  • for feedthrough dishwashers € 329

net plus the legal value-added tax in each case.

(* The media lines must be in the immediate vicinity of the washing machine and must be freely accessible.)

Warranty Note

Only the completely filled in Dishwashing Equipment Commissioning Certificate returned to NordCap entitles a warranty claim. 

Dishwashing Equipment Commissioning Certificate