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NordCap Spare Parts

One of our strengths is the long-term supply of accessories and spare parts.

We know the more than 55,000 parts that are installed in our furniture and equipment. In order to quickly receive the spare part you need, the bulk of the original parts of our suppliers is stored in our spare parts centre in Bremen and dispatched from there.

Are you looking, for example, for a seal for a refrigerated table (Mod. S-KTM 2-7001 No. 728.352), manufactured until 2005? The seal is also available as an original with the number 402089148.

Or are you looking for a control unit for the same table? The original controller with the number 402089176 is no longer available due to the discontinued production by the pre-supplier. For your assistance, you can receive a conversion kit instead, with the number 4020S0787.

Did you know?

  • In our product area you can find the top 10 Spare parts for the respective devices directly at the product description.