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NordCap Warranty

  • 24-month warranty (labour & parts) for the entire product range of NordCap Refrigeration Equipment as well as the NordCap PROJECT-LINE
  • 24-month warranty for the entire product range of Cooking and Dishwashing Equipment (12 months for labour & parts plus 12 months for parts)
  • 24-month warranty (labour & parts) for our NordCap COOL-LINE-Programme (only for products, which are purchased after the 01.08.2018. Products purchased prior to this date still have 12-month warranty)). 
  • 12-month material guarantee on spare parts

You can also read the detailed warranty conditions in our general terms and conditions of sale. They are a voluntary additional service on the part of NordCap. The legal warranty claims obviously remain unaffected.

Please observe that only the completely filled in dishwashing equipment commissioning certificate returned to NordCap entitles a warranty claim.

Do you need fast and professional service during the warranty period? No problem! For this purpose, please fill in our warranty claim.