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NordCap Product Lines

In addition to our overall programs "NordCap Refrigeration Equipment" and "NordCap Cooking and Dishwashing Equipment' we have NordCap product lines to meet different needs.


The NordCap CONCEPT-LINE includes high quality refrigeration products with innovative technologies, perfect for individual special constructions. With the NordCap CONCEPT-LINE consultants have a far-reaching creative leeway, for example, concerning counter- or food pass-concepts.

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The NordCap PROJECT-LINE is our programme for consultants. This range of products is specially tailored to fit the project business. It includes high-quality stainless steel refrigeration cabinets that are ideal for daily use in the catering industry in terms of flexibility, functionality, hygiene and design.

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Refrigeration Programmes and Catalogue Extracts

The NordCap GELATO-LINE is a programme extract of our overall programme NordCap Refrigeration Equipment and includes all refrigeration equipment products in the field of ice cream.

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NordCap Action Programmes

The NordCap COOL-LINE offers a price-conscious basic programme at selected refrigeration equipment products.

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