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An old method – rediscovered

Tender, aromatic and with an intensive, original meaty flavour - that is dry aged beef. True gourmets love dry aged beef. The dry, hanged beef provides the world's best steaks and has already become a culinary favourite in the USA. Only the finest cuts of beef are selected for this process. Dry maturing is actually an old butcher's method which was used before the invention of vacuum packaging at the beginning of the 20th century.

The special taste makes the difference

The round, perfectly balanced flavour of butter and nut, the rich colour of the meat and special firmness characterise dry aged steak and dry maturation.

Unlike conventional maturing methods - such as storage in a vacuum - no lactic acid bacteria is formed, which gives the meat a metallic flavour.

Flavour has its price

Generally speaking: Good flavour does not have to be expensive. However, this is precisely the case with dry aged meat. The weight loss in the dry ageing process is 30 to 40 per cent. Additional losses arise when the aged portions are cut. Butchers compensate for this weight loss with the price.