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Fresh and flexible in day-to-day business

If you have a display case that accommodates both hot and cold food presentation in a small space, you can offer a really varied menu. In the heated area, the core temperature of the food is kept constant by primary heating and infrared supportive heating. Crumbed food and fries remain crisp longer on the hot plate at the top. By stocking warm meals under the retractable cutting board, you are optimally prepared and able to keep dishes refilled quickly during peak serving times. The refrigeration area has a neutral plate for pastries and desserts. The cooled storage system also allows you to store ingredients for a changing menu, from breakfast to midnight snacks.

The possibilities are endless - an all-in-one service and self-service display case

The slide-up glass at the front converts this unit from a serving to a self-service display case in a few simple steps. A cutting and presentation board from Polygiene® means that snacks can be prepared freshly and quickly - right in front of the customer. It adapts simply, quickly and flexibly to your daily business.

In combination with a small combi steamer, food such as meatballs that has been chilled quickly and laid out on the cold SNACKY side can also be reheated in the shortest possible time. This means that you can offer an even greater variety of snacks - ideal for peak time sales!

The SNACKY's characteristic transparent design gives the guest a perfect view of your offering from all sides. Mirrored sides make the presentation look even more appealing, while the natural LED lighting give your dishes the most flattering and authentic appearance.