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Perfect climate – perfect taste

An entirely new principle has revolutionised the world of heating appliances! NordCap heated display cases are the innovation of the year in the field of food presentation. From the new controllable climate control system to its ease of use, flexible application possibilities and quality workmanship - there is currently nothing that compares on the market in Germany.

The new technology ensure that the finest water droplets are evenly distributed in the interior of the display case to create a special heating climate.

3 types of climate – one single appliance

The desired heating climate is easily adjusted with a pictogram control panel, with three levels of heating and humidity supply possible in each case. There are also seven pre-programmed applications for different food components. Alternatively, the display can furthermore be used as a neutral display surface or for passive cooling with crushed ice.

Humidification in the Basic Line

The BASIC models have a tank system for humidification. A built-in reminder function automatically alerts the user to refill the water every three to four hours. Refilling is carried out quickly and without affecting the food display. The BASIC Plus has a tank system that ensures enough water for up to twelve hours - and it can even be connected to a constant water supply for automatic refilling.

COMFORT LINE – the only range with a steam generator

In the COMFORT Line models the heating climate is created by an active supply of moisture through a steam generator. After a short heating period, the appliance permanently generates very hot steam. This contributes to the visibly fresh presentation of the food on display and maintains the core temperature over a long period.

Distribution of the steam is particularly constant and uniform throughout the interior of the display case. The climate settings can be changed quickly, so that you can easily adjust the display case when you change the menu. This provides maximum flexibility and maximum possible use throughout the entire day!

Thanks to the stable heating climate, you can maintain optimal food quality and presentation even when the food is offered as self-service and the service side is open. What's more, if you use the heated display case from the COMFORT Line in closed mode, power consumption is significantly reduced.

The compact steam generator with integrated descaling system is located in the system's substructure. Since you only fill or empty the water tank, you are guaranteed minimum service requirements. A direct permanent water connection is of course an optional extra.