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Built-in refrigerator display unit

EPV 177-5-KL 10 SB-Klappen

ready to plug-in, for 5 x GN 1/1

  • turnkey built-in refrigerated display unit with convection refrigeration
  • nickel chromium steel 1.4301, all visible sides ground, well cladding CHR
  • nickel chromium steel 1.4301
  • 53 cm high, round glass mount-on unit, forced ventilation refrigeration unit arranged below
  • Interior compartment for GN sheets 1/1 on height-adjustable insert bottoms
  • 5-sided panorama glass view, user-side sliding panes made of insulated glass, self-closing acrylic removal flaps on customer side, side panes and ceiling made of safety glass
  • Interior lighting installed horizontally under the ceiling and the intermediate levels
  • electronic control, with digital display, Defrosting control, Temperature control, Control panel (low-voltage) removable for assembly in the front of the furniture, variable fan speed for high/low air humidity
  • automatic defrosting and condensate evaporation
  • Fan in low-voltage design, which enables a danger-free rinsing/cleaning of the evaporator, the fan and the interior well
  • coated evaporator which can be folded up for cleaning
  • 1 height-adjustable intermediate glass panel
  • deep tightly sealed interior well (215 mm)
  • Hygienic design with condensate drain Ø 30 mm
Article number 484340253
Article stock
Cutout width 1715
Cutout depth 670
Refrigerant R-134a / 1200 g
Capacitiy (optional) 5
Internal cladding nickel chromium steel 1.4301
External cladding nickel chromium steel 1.4301, all visible sides ground, well cladding CHR
Support surface 1,48 m²
Temperature range +5 bis +12 °C
Climate class 3 (+25 °C UT und 60 % RF)
Relative air humidity 70 bis 85 %
Gross weight 205 kg
Net weight 175 kg